Coming Onsite

Instructions and tips for the first time you come onsite to LBL.

Before arriving onsite, please be sure you completed the Human Resources Orientation checklist in Before you Arrive.

Obtaining/Renewing LBNL Badge

To get onsite access at LBNL, you will need to have your LBNL Badge. If you need to obtain it for the first time or if it is expired, you can email to set up an appointment to get one, or set up an appointment using this link. On the day of your appointment, hop on an LBNL shuttle and show the driver your temporary badge (obtained from an email from You will be dropped off at B65, the badge office.

Pandemic Policies at LBNL

LBNL has constantly changing and adapting policies in response to COVID-19 based on the current situation. Please refer to to get up-to-date information on Covid Lab Safety Requirements.

UC Berkeley Campus

The Cal 1 card can gives you after-hours and weekend access to the Hearst Memorial Mining Building. Be sure to email Ariana Castro and/or Catalina Estrada for site access.

LBNL Shuttle System

  • The most up to date information on using the shuttle system can be found here. Note there is a helpful app for tracking the shuttles in real time. The shuttles also have bike racks so it is common for people to use the shuttles to come onsite and then bike home.

  • The Blue route is best for getting to and leaving from B33. The closest stop to B33 for coming onsite is B26. To leave from B33, the best stop is B48 (the firehouse) but B54 (the cafeteria) is also an option.

  • For getting to the Molecular Foundry (B76), the closest stop is B62, 66, 67. This stop is accessible through both the Blue route and Orange route.


  • If you are onsite at LBL in B33, people in the group often gather to eat lunch around 12 or 12:30pm. There are picnic tables outside B33 for outdoor eating.

  • Many people bring food from home (B33 has a kitchen including a fridge, microwave, and toaster oven) but you can also buy food at the LBNL cafeteria in B54.

  • The cafeteria is currently closed (2023) but there are food trucks at B91!

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