LBNL Funded Members

  • Use LBNL Ebuy (not Ebay) wherever possible - you need to be on the lab network (onsite via an ethernet cable) or be connected via the VPN

  • Use Amazon, etc. to buy various components if not available via EBuy

  • The laptop is government property; you are expected to return it to the group when you are done working at LBNL. Note that Mac computers make it very simple to transfer everything over to your next computer.

  • You are free to take your laptop home, on trips, etc., unless you are an intern in which case other restrictions may apply from the internship program.

  • The lab receives your computer and tags it before sending it over to you.

  • You must back up your computer very regularly (at least once per week, ideally continuously). This is simple using the Time Machine app. Just plug your backup drive into your monitor so when you connect to your monitor, you also back up. If there are (for some reason) errors in backing up, fix that issue immediately. There are zero excuses for not doing this.

Making the purchase

  1. Provide all the details of your selections in an email and send to Emma Goodacre. If all looks okay, she will give you a project and activity ID.

  2. Go to eBuy, and for items available there, add them to your cart and submit the requisition with the project and activity ID. Ask Emma about which SAS approver to list if you are unsure (the SAS approver can vary by project and activity ID).

  3. For items not available on eBuy, contact esdradmin@lbl.gov (and cc Kristin and Emma) to obtain a procurement form. Fill it out with item details (Vendor, website, price, etc.) and send it back.

  4. If you select the overnight shipping option (ask Kristin about this and the related extra costs) most parts, except the computer, will arrive within a week to 10 days. The computer needs to be tagged by the lab, so with overnight shipping, it should arrive within 2 weeks. Ideally, you will select your computer well before arriving at the lab and won’t need overnight shipping.

UCB Funded Members

  • Use BearBuy

  • More details coming to this documentation soon.

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