Group Jobs (Summer 2022)
(Last updated 05/23/22)
05/07/22: Group jobs will be updated soon to reflect recently graduated students. Look for a survey from Matt M. (coming soon)!


Alumni Relations Officer: create and administer exit survey to departing group members, maintain contact information for alumni, manage alumni social network group (e.g., LinkedIn), and invite alumni to give talks at Group Time
OPEN: (New job -- your name here!)
Group Time Coordinator: Plan and schedule the "Group Time" meeting activities
Ann Rutt, Bryant Li, OPEN (formerly, Ryan Kingsbury)
Group Job Manager: Assign all group jobs, create/remove/transfer jobs as needed, manage job transitions between new group members and alumni
Matt McDermott
Group Resources Manager: Assign desk spaces at LBL and on campus, keep track of laptops (LBL/Berkeley) and large assets with a DOE tag
David Mrdjenovich
Mentoring Coordinator: Manage internal group mentoring program, issue annual survey to group on mentoring needs, and facilitate the setup of annual individual feedback meetings between students and Kristin
Mackinzie Farnell
Onboarding Guide (Grads): Assist new graduate students in getting started at LBL, create & manage onboarding resources and welcome events
OPEN: (formerly Martin Siron)
Onboarding Guide (Postdocs/Staff): Assist new postdocs/staff in getting started at LBL, create & manage onboarding resources and welcome events, add new members to Google Group
Ryan Kingsbury, Ruoxi Yang
Postdoc HR: Coordinate interview process for new postdocs, programming challenge evaluation
Jianli Cheng, Tingzheng Hou
Seminar Scheduler: Schedule and coordinate "big" group meeting and guest talks/seminars
Cody O'Donnell
Undergraduate Coordinator: Facilitate connection between undergraduates and available projects within the group
Jiyoon Kim


Group Librarian: Manage group handbook, google drive, and educational resources
Orion Cohen
Group Webmaster: Update the Persson Group public website
Guy Moore, Evan Spotte-Smith
MP Docs Manager: Schedule MP Docs hackathons and coordinate MP presence on Wikipedia
Qian Chen
MP Swag Coordinator: Coordinate the design and ordering of MP swag, including t-shirts, mugs, etc.
Max Gallant
Printer Support: Outline directions for printing and update printer regularly with supplies
OPEN: (formerly Julian Self)
Production Gatekeeper: Assist with production jobs and group data management
Patrick Huck
Publications Manager: Assist ____ in publications for reports
Xiaowei Xie
Tech Maven: Assist in setup of audio/video for Group Meeting (particularly in conference room 33-106); manage Persson group email list (i.e., the listserv)
Hui Zheng


Builder Guru: Manage database builders (Emmet); train new people in builders
Jason Munro
DFT + Atomate/Pymatgen Support: Assist with creating DFT-based workflows and answer questions about pymatgen
Matt Horton
MD Wizard: Assist with setup and running of molecular dynamics simulations
Kara Fong
ML Accelerator: Assist with setup on GPU nodes and running of machine learning workflows
Mingjian Wen
NERSC Resource Manager: Distribute computing time, monitor/plan group usage, submit annual proposals for compute time, and manage user access to the jcesr/matgen project directories and resources
Howard Li
NREL Point of Contact: Monitor computing time, write NREL HPC proposals, and interface with NREL staff
Hetal Patel
Savio/Lawrencium Support: Manage accounts, assist users with job/system setup, and assist in VASP compilation on Savio/Lawrencium
OPEN: (formerly Eric Sivonxay)


Coffee Tsar: Supply coffee for espresso machine
Ruoxi Yang
Group Chef: Prepare snacks/food for group meetings
Jordan Burns, Max Venetos, Caitlin McCandler
Group Historian: Schedule and take group picture at least twice a year; document group outings/events and maintain these on the shared drive; keep track of group birthdays
Oxana Andriuc* (hiatus for summer 2022)
Kavli Representative: Attend Kavli ENSI meetings once per month, prepare materials for distribution/presentation at Kavli events, facilitate collaborations between Kavli member groups, assist students in applying to Kavli awards and fellowships
Caitlin McCandler
Outreach Officer: Create and compile MP / Persson Group outreach content for the community
Rachel Woods-Robinson
Social Chair: Plan major group outings and retreat; assist in planning other socials
Alex Epstein* (hiatus for summer 2022), Handong Ling
Social Media Chair: Represent the group on Twitter/Facebook; assist in outreach
John Dagdelen