Group Jobs (Spring 2024)

Last updated: 06/30/2023


Group Jobs Manager: Assign all group jobs, create/remove/transfer jobs as needed, manage job transitions between new group members and alumni

Rishabh Guha

Desk Manager: Assign desk spaces at LBL and on campus

Bryant Li

Onboarding Guide (Grads): Assist new graduate students in getting started at LBL; create & manage onboarding resources and welcome events

Mackinzie Farnell

Onboarding Guide (Postdocs/Staff): Assist new postdocs/staff in getting started at LBL, create & manage onboarding resources and welcome events, add new members to Google Group

Qian Chen

Postdoc HR: Coordinate interview process for new postdocs, programming challenge evaluation

Max Gallant

Seminar Scheduler: Maintain schedule for "big" group meetings; schedule additional talks/seminars that may benefit the group

Aaron Kaplan

Undergraduate Coordinator: Facilitate connection between undergraduates and available projects within the group

Jiyoon Kim




Group Librarian: Manage group handbook, Google Drive, and educational resources

Rohith Srinivaas Mohanakrishnan

Group Supplier: Maintain group printer and regular resupply toner; manage Slack Pro subscription for PerssonHuddle workspace

Hongqian Zheng

Group Webmaster: Update the Persson Group public website

Guy Moore, Vir Karan

MP Docs Manager: Schedule MP Docs hackathons and coordinate MP presence on Wikipedia

Ruoxi Yang

MP Swag Coordinator: Coordinate the design and ordering of MP swag, including t-shirts, mugs, etc.

Prathami Kamath

Production Gatekeeper: Assist with production jobs and group data management

Patrick Huck

Publications Manager: Assist HR in compiling publications for reports

Jingyang Wang

Tech Maven: Assist in setup of audio/video for Group Meeting (particularly in conference room 33-106); manage Google group (email list)

Théo Jaffrelot Inizan

Workstation Manager: Assist Kristin in managing the workstation inventory allotted from MSD and ETA. Keep track of laptops (LBL/Berkeley) and large assets with a DOE tag

Solomon Oyakhire




Builder Guru: Manage database builders (Emmet); train new people in builders

Jason Munro

MD Wizard: Assist with setup and running of molecular dynamics simulations

Orion Cohen

ML Accelerator: Assist with setup on GPU nodes and running of machine learning workflows

Bryant Li

NERSC Resource Manager: Distribute computing time, monitor/plan group usage, submit annual proposals for compute time, and manage user access to the jcesr/matgen project directories and resources

Howard Li, Rohith Srinivaas Mohanakrishnan

NREL Point of Contact: Monitor computing time, write NREL HPC proposals, and interface with NREL staff

Nessa Majaya

Savio/Lawrencium Support: Manage accounts, assist users with job/system setup

Orion Cohen




Group Chef: Provide food/snacks for the group; work with other chefs to cover food for 1) group meetings, 2) group time, 3) communal snacks/coffee

Bryant Li, Wayne Zhao

Kavli Representative: Attend Kavli ENSI meetings once per month, prepare materials for distribution/presentation at Kavli events, facilitate collaborations between Kavli member groups, assist students in applying to Kavli awards and fellowships

Caitlin McCandler

Social Chairs: Plan major group outings & retreat, schedule biannual group photo

Max Gallant, Wayne Zhao

Social Media Manager: Manage the group's social media account on Twitter and assist in outreach

Andrew Rosen

Deprecated Group Jobs


Alumni Relations Officer: create and administer exit surveys to departing group members, maintain contact information for alumni, manage alumni social network group (e.g., LinkedIn), and invite alumni to give talks Moderator: Ensure timely response to questions on the forums (e.g.,

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