Physical Resources (printers, etc.)

Resources for the group at our LBL office in B33.


The group owns two printers: 1) HP LaserJet Pro 500 Color MFP M570dn, and 2) Canon MF731C. Both printers are located in or outside of 33-143C. They support color printing, two-sided printing, and scanning. We recommend using the HP printer when possible (with option to use the Canon as backup).

Connecting to the HP printer

First, ensure you are connected to the lbnl_employee wireless network.

On your laptop, navigate to your printer settings. On MacOS, this should be called Printers & Scanners.

You should be able to add the printer by clicking on the + button on the bottom left. This will then open up a popup window. Click the globe, and type in the printer's DHCP address with AirPrint selected.

This should automatically select the correct driver. See image below to ensure you have input the correct settings. Finally, click "Add". If no errors arise, you should be good to go!

Once connected, you should now be able to view various stats about the printer. For example, you can view toner supply levels by clicking on the settings icon from within the specific printer:

If you run into any issues, please contact whoever currently is assigned to the Printer Support group job role (see Group Jobs (Spring 2024)).

Ordering replacement toner:

Whoever is assigned to the Printer Support group job should monitor toner levels and order new toner cartridges as needed using the appropriate project ID (talk to a project manager first before ordering).

The cartridges used by the printer are the following HP 507A cartridges. You may be able to acquire refurbished toner cartridges instead of new ones.

Connecting to the Canon printer (old)

The group has access to a Canon MF731C printer, which was primarily used before the HP printer was purchased.

To install the printer, please use the address with the driver installed. The printer type is Canon MFC731C (AKA MFC733C). It can print two sided (duplex) as well as color.

Note: you may need to install a driver for you computer from here first:

As this printer is not frequently used, it may require some reconfiguration -- please contact the Printer Support person for assistance.

Cables, monitors, and more

The group has several leftover cables, monitors, and more. If you grab something from here (or want to donate something, please add it to the list)


  • Creative USB Webcam VFO780


  • Power cable (3-prong)

  • Power cable (2-prong)

  • Power cable (AUSTRALIAN, 3-prong)

  • MiniDisplayPort to MiniDisplayPort

  • 2x MiniDisplayPort to DisplayPort

  • 2x DisplayPort to DisplayPort

  • 2x USB-A to USB-C

  • 2x USB-B (?) to USB-A

  • MiniHDMI to HDMI

  • USB-A to Micro-B 3 (SUPER-SPEED)

  • USB-A USB-B 3.0

  • USB-A to Micro-USB

  • DVI to DVI

  • NetGear ProSafe 8 Port Gigabit Switch (Model GS108)

  • Aux audio cable (1/8th inch)


  • Logitech wifi receiver for mouse (USB-A)

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