Group Member Expertise

This page contains information regarding group members' research interests and expertise. This can include what one works on, which packages/techniques one is familiar with, etc.
The following table shows group members' expertise. Please consult this table if you need help/mentoring on a specifc topic or package, or if you just would like to know what everyone's working on.
Research Topics
Jianli C.
Andrew R.
Qian C.
Hui Z.
Rishabh G.
Sudarshan V.
Jingyang W.
Aaron K.
John D.
Ann R.
Matt M.
Alex E.
Jordan B.
Oxana A.
Caitlin M.
Hetal P.
Guy M.
Evan S.-S.
Orion C.
Jiyoon K.
Maxwell V.
Howard L.
LIB cathodes diffusion
VASP, pymatgen-diffusion
Max G.
Bryant L.
Mackinzie F.
Xiaoxu R.
Wayne Z.
Nessa M.
Patrick H.
Jason M.
Ruoxi Y.
Janosh R.