Leave Time

You should coordinate the specific days of vacation and personal time off with Kristin, especially for an extended absence.

Graduate Students

Graduate students informally receive 10 PTO days from Kristin, along with all holidays observed by LBNL. You should email Kristin well in advance (at least one month) with the days you plan to take off. You do not need to do anything in LETS or any other payment systems as this is an informal agreement between Kristin and graduate students.

LBL Postdocs

Postdocs will receive a set number of vacation / personal time off (PTO) days that will be outlined in your hiring package. For union postdocs, the union has currently negotiated 24 PTO days per year along with other benefits.

Berkeley Postdocs

As a new postdoc, you should submit a Postdoc time sheet each month to the Payroll team at 197M Cory Hall, [email protected] This time sheet is used only to record the Personal Time Off and Sick Leave that you use. According to UC Postdoc policy, you are granted 24 days of Personal Time Off and 12 days of Sick Leave per 12-month appointment.