Undergraduate Research Mentoring

If you would like to mentor an undergraduate student and have a research project in mind, please follow the steps outlined in this Google Doc found on the Persson Group Google Drive. There is also an FAQ that should answer any questions you have about the process.

Please be sure to refer to the information below if you are currently mentoring an undergraduate student or if their appointment will be ending soon:

  1. If your UGR is loaning a laptop, please let the undergraduate coordinator and Sonia know the UGR’s name, email address, and DOE tag number found on the sticker below the keyboard.

  2. Please make sure that the UGR is filling out their time cards! They should also be within the hours/week requested when applying for the UGR project to ensure that Sonia’s funding use projections are on track.

  3. Toward the end of each semester, the undergraduate coordinator will reach out to confirm if your UGR appointment is ending or should be extended. Please reply promptly to prevent any administrative and research pay delays!

  4. If your UGR is ending their appointment, please be sure to do the following:

    • Return loaner laptops or any other devices. This is very important because these have Department of Energy tags and must be returned

    • If the UGR has an account on a supercomputer (ie: Lawrencium, NERSC, Savio, Peregrine):

      • Make sure all data is backed up. We do not want to lose any important data!

      • Request user accounts to be deleted if they will no longer be an active user. Otherwise, Kristin will continue to pay for account recharges that are not being used.

If you have any questions, please contact the undergraduate coordinator (Jiyoon Kim - jiyoonkim@lbl.gov).

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